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During the European Championships, the very best riders and amazons of Europe compete for gold together with their horses, both individually and as a team. In order for an event such as the European Championships to succeed, the organization depends to a large extent on volunteers for carrying out tasks in front of and behind the scenes. That is why the organization is looking for enthusiastic and motivated volunteers to contribute to the success of the European Championships in 2019. A unique opportunity to experience this top sports event from very close!

For the European Championships we are looking for volunteers for the following functions:

  • Accreditation: As an accreditation employee you are the first contact with the event. At the accreditation desk all accredited guests are received (including participants, sponsors, employees) and they received the accreditation for the event.
  • Copy service: Copy service employees ensure the distribution of all offline communication. Think of, among other things, program booklets and start and result lists.
  • Media team: The media team is responsible for the execution of the total media and communication during the event. Within the media team, the following functions exist: website management, photography, photo editing and receipt of the press.
  • Runners: The runners open and close the dressage arena and ensure that the race results can be processed as quickly by retrieving the protocols from the judges.
  • Service staff: The service staff are the face of the event, they work at various positions on the ground. Think of scanning cards at the entrance, checking maps at the stands, occupying the information desk and they are present at various intersections on the grounds to show visitors the way.
  • Shuttle service: From the various hotels and parking spaces there is a shuttle service to and from the European Championship grounds. Employees of the shuttle service take care of transport for participants, employees and VIPs in particular.
  • Stables assistent: As a parking assistant you help with the unloading of the trucks of the participants, you work on the distribution of hay, straw and sawdust and help with all kinds of work in the barn.

Interested in (one of) the above functions? Do you want to experience this unique top sport event from very close, are you available for at least 3 days and would you like to contribute to the success of the European Championships jumping, dressage and para dressage in 2019? Sign up now as a volunteer! Please contact Marleen Schuurman: [email protected]

Inschrijfformulier vrijwilligers
Beschikbaarheid als vrijwilliger op de volgende data (minimaal 3 dagen beschikbaar):
Wat is je ervaring met vrijwilligerswerk in het algemeen?
Heb je ervaring met vrijwilligerswerk op andere paardensport evenementen? Zo ja, bij welke evenementen en wat waren toen je werkzaamheden?
Ik heb interesse in de volgende functies tijdens de EK’s in 2019
Welke talen beheers je goed?
Vul hier de talen in die je goed beheerst naast de standaard gevraagde talen
Hoe ben je terecht gekomen bij het aanmelden voor een vrijwilligersfunctie tijdens het EK 2019?
Hoe ben je terecht gekomen bij het aanmelden voor een vrijwilligersfunctie tijdens het EK 2019?