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Business Offering

Many dignitaries visit the CHIO Rotterdam on a yearly base, including members of the Royal family, the mayor and aldermen from Rotterdam and many captains of industry. During the European Championships we also expect great interest by international VIP’s. The wonderful ambiance is a great way to present your company and welcome important relationships.

In many cases sponsoring at the European Championships are customized packaged. Below you will get a glance of what we offer:

Legacy Partner

  • Legacy Partners are the most exclusive sponsors. Being a Legacy Partner entitles you to privileges other partners will not have access to. Besides you will think along with us about the future of CHIO Rotterdam.
  • Exposure as Legacy Partner is branch exclusive


Over the years CHIO Rotterdam has become the connecting platform specialized in relationship management. That will not be any different during the European Championships 2019. It is our aim to offer hospitality that fits a brand or company. A customized offering! Whether you want to visit the championships with 6 customers or you want to host 750 guests…. We offer you a tailor made program.


  • For the first time in history 3 equestrian European Championships will come to Rotterdam. A once in a lifetime opportunity to promote your brand / company to all visitors, TV and online spectators, readers of newspapers, magazines, etc. in the Netherlands and abroad.
  • We offer a wide range of ways to promote your brand and allow you to achieve maximum exposure. We are happy to make you a customized offer.

Tailor made sponsoring

For every sponsor, no matter how big you are, we develop a suitable sponsor package which fits your brand / company needs. Please contact us and we are happy to explain you all.

Promo village

Our Stroodorp and Promo Village are favourite shopping spots. Exhibiting allows you to show or demonstrate your brand or product to ten thousands of visitors of the FEI European Championships.

More information?
Please contact:
- Carla Collewijn, (+31) 10 – 4528900, ccollewijn@chio.nl
- Alice Krielaart, (+31) 10 – 4528900, akrielaart@chio.nl