FEI European Championships 2019 Rotterdam Side Events EN

Jump, jump, everybody, jump, jump

Rotterdam Make it Happen! As host city, Sportbedrijf Rotterdam has set itself the goal: getting Rotterdam to move. They do this with sports venues throughout the city - from sports fields to gyms and swimming pools, collaborations with more than 1,300 sports organizations and an offer of more than 75 sports for athletes of all ages and every level. But also by promoting major sporting events, including these European Championships.

Starting in January, Sportbedrijf Rotterdam will take a route through the city and through elementary schools with a real European Championship track. Complete with time registration, red and white flags that indicate from which side the obstacles may be jumped and a competition element.

The finals
Starting in January, the course will be used during clinics at the Rotterdam primary schools. During the gym class a competition will be held after a real warming. Who jumps as fast as possible over the course and places himself in front of the final? Finally, at the end of the school year, a final day is organized where the best schools and students compete against each other.

During the European Championships
Finally, the course can be found on the promenade during the European Championshops where children (and adults) are also able to jump the course.